Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Speaking of Resources

Be sure to check out the latest Speaker Resources to help you grow your business and improve your speaking.

Upcoming June speaker Darren LaCroix has a great list on his site with anything from shrink wrap machines and CD duplication to fulfillment and speaker boot camps.

I've just posted resources from John Kremer (huge!), especially if you're interested in publishing. He also has great info on podcasting and promoting your business online. After all, he's the author of "1001 Ways to Market Your Book!"

I also "stumbled upon" some great free NSA-sponsored webinars on Social Networking and Social Media. The first one that is archived is from none other than David Nour, a speaker earlier this year. The rest planned for 2009-10 will be archived as well, but you can register to attend each one live if you like.

Visit the link at: http://www.freshbizideas.com/SpeakingResources.html

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