Wednesday, November 12, 2008


After the morning program of the NSA-Virginia meeting this Friday, November 14th, a BONUS program is available.

Afternoon Program: Using Comedy in Your Presentations
Want more comfort when using humor? Looking to increase the laugh lines in your presentations?

This seminar can help you relax with humor, increase your confidence and learn how to handle mistakes that can occur on the platform. Through the art of improvisation you can learn just how to add that little bit of funny to increase your connection with your audience.

Christine Walters will lead a three-hour seminar on November 14 from 1:30 -4:30pm at the ComedySportz Improv Theatre, 7115 Staples Mill Road . The seminar will focus on movement and physicality, storytelling, performance skills, and improv techniques. The cost is only $15.00. Only 20 spaces available, so register early at the NSA website:

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Mastermind Opportunity for You!

Have you ever dreamed of joining an NSA Mastermind Group where experienced members focus their expertise on YOUR challenges?

Wouldn’t you love for them to share the nitty gritty details you need to build YOUR successful business or practice?

Here’s your chance:
On Friday, November 14 at the Westwood Club in Richmond you can take advantage of a half-day ‘mastermind’ session with experts representing the fields of consulting, training and speaking. They can discuss whatever YOU want them to, including: running a solo practice or a larger business, success in niche marketing, writing and topic development and technology that works for today’s speaker. Between them, they have over 75 years in the business.

In the first part of the program, members of our panel will address your questions on any aspect of your business. We’ve already received some questions based on the program announcement on Get your burning questions in today!

You might think you know our experts, but ask yourself whether you’ve really had a chance to pick their brains....
Harold Wood brings a wealth of knowledge in virtually every aspect of the business! He can show you how to identify the needs of your market, focus on a niche market (in his case, education), sustaining core values, through every aspect of your business, use a speaking coach and how to thrive with a solo business model.

Gloria Thomas brings her expertise in communication and writing. She will help you to uncover your unique ‘genius’, leverage your special area of expertise, and find the right words to give your voice maximum impact. Gloria is my personal ‘go to’ resource for better writing and expression!

Ron Chapman brings his vast business experience to our panel. In just the past 15 years he has started one non-profit and two for-profit businesses. As he puts it, he’s made every mistake along the way and can help you identify potential pitfalls as well as success factors, to build your business….hopefully with fewer mistakes!

Nhat Pham brings technology within reach of everyone. He knows which tech products and resources provide value for speakers –and which to RUN from. Not only will you save money by learning what will work, but his favorite word in the world of online apps is FREE. He knows the resources you can use that won’t cost you a dime, but will save you priceless TIME!

Here’s the best news!
You won’t just get a panel discussion! During the second half of the morning, our experts will visit individual tables for those who prefer a smaller group discussion.

It can be tough to pull together a group like this, so we don’t know when this will happen again. Don’t miss this opportunity!

If you have a question or challenge you would like to have addressed, send it via email to or to or feel free to call any of us. We’ll pass it along.