Thursday, July 9, 2009

And the Winners Are...!

In case you missed the Virgina Speakers Idol Contest held after our program in June, you missed a great time!

The speakers graduating from the Pro Track class had the opportunity to showcase what they learned throughout the year. Not only that, but they got great feedback from a panel of Idol judges, including Paula, Dog and Simon, a la Doris Young, Tom Davidson & special NSA guest Darren LaCroix!

Enjoy a slideshow of the event at:

We loved you all - it was so hard to choose the final winners!

And the winners are...
#4 - Yvonne Ortega
#3 - Winston Bersch
#2 - Coleen Kenny
#1 - Debbie Bowie

Congratulations to all who participated. You are all winners in completing the Pro Track course and enhancing your speaking & business skills.

If you haven't signed up to join the upcoming Pro Track class that's starting in September, be sure to visit: for details and an application. There may still be one or two spots available.

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