Monday, February 2, 2009

Brains, Bodies and Advice Needed NOW for Next Year

by Tom Davidson, President-Elect

If you were at the January 16 chapter meeting on Social Networking with David Nour, then you saw the energy and spiraling growth of NSA-Virginia, including 45 visitors to one of the most exciting chapters in the Nation. As your president-elect and with the help of many, I have started to make initial plans to keep this spirit alive and thriving in the new NSA year, which begins July 2009 and continues through June 2010.

For example, your new national president will make Virginia one of his first stops after the National Convention (July 18-21) when he presents a special program to us on August 7th. Many more big programs are being arranged to partner with other professionals across the state and to keep up the momentum we have inherited. Your Board of Directors continues to do a uniquely outstanding job of planning and executing under the leadership of our current president, Dorothy Erlanger. But now is not the time to rest.

Please consider the following requests and respond to me directly with your comments:
1. Volunteering. Your help is badly needed for a growing list of volunteer jobs and potentially open positions on the Board of Directors. If you have an interest in any of the following areas, of if you are unsure where you might fit but just want to take a more active role in the chapter, please let me know right away. There is more than enough to do so that anyone with an interest can be accommodated in some way, and it is one of my goals to help leverage your membership through networking and volunteering of this type.

a. Membership services
b. Meeting logistics
c. Financial management
d. Leveraging technology
e. Internal and external communications
f. Library resources
g. Special projects

2. Programs. While some groundwork as been laid for programs in the new year, I am still working to identify top speakers on relevant topics that you will find inspiring for yourself and practical for your businesses. If you have any suggestion for a topic or a speaker who has made a difference in your NSA experience or elsewhere in your lives, then please let me know. Also, if you belong to another professional organization with a goal that intersects with those of NSA Virginia, let me know who they are so we can potentially build bridges with them in the year ahead.
3. General Advice. Finally, if you have any advice for providing leadership and managing the organization’s resources in the new year, please let me know that as well. I will value every word and appreciate every minute you spend sharing your wisdom.

Please email me with your thoughts at or call me at (O) 804-217-8365 or (H) 804-769-1754. I look forward to hearing from you on any or all of the topics posted above and seeing you over and over again throughout 2009 and beyond. Thank you!

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