Monday, January 5, 2009

January Program Features Afternoon BONUS Session!

We're not only planning to have a super program with Social Networking guru David Nour during our regular morning program. He's agreed to put on a special afternoon Bonus Session as well! It's all happening at the January 16th program in Richmond.

Details about the main program and registration are at:

If you’re REALLY ready to rock and roll, we’ll have a hands-on, mini-workshop format in the afternoon from 1-4 pm where we’ll critique your online presence, review templates of best practices, and discuss how to leverage article marketing via applications such as Twitter, Digg, Slideshare and multiple article distribution engines.

We’ll also discuss and review tools for you to build your own private social network via Ning and IntroNetworks (and this is just to name a few!). Blogs and forums build interest in our topics, while those smart speakers who leverage social networking applications are developing their businesses by networking from the desk chairs! This optional session at the same location will be worth far more than the $20 investment for the three hours of practical information!

You can opt in at the morning meeting or as part of your online registration at: . Seeyou there!

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